What You Should Know About Egypt Tours

egypt tours

Many people think of Egypt as a dangerous place, but that is not true. The country is not as dangerous as the media would have you believe. In fact, many tourists come back from Egypt satisfied and wanting to visit it again. If you are considering a vacation in Egypt, there are several things you should know about it. Before planning a trip to Egypt, you should consider the safety of the country. The Egyptian police are hardly dangerous. In fact, many of them do not even carry weapons.


Travelers who wish to experience the ancient culture and history of Egypt will love two new tours from Tauck, which start in Amman and include two nights in the historic city of Petra. Guests will enjoy a private tour of the Valley of the Kings, a UNESCO World Heritage site. They’ll also spend several nights on the luxury Oberoi riverboat and explore the Nile on multiple nights. These tours are the perfect way to experience Egypt’s ancient treasures and experience the country’s history and culture up close and personal.


You’ve probably heard of the Exodus Expedition and have considered taking one. These tours are chock full of information about the biblical story. Not just photo tours, they teach you about the theories behind the route of the exodus, the pros and cons of different camping spots, and the latest research into the story. But how do these tours compare to the real thing? Here are some tips:


OAT offers private Egypt tours that focus on cultural interaction. Some of the activities include meals with local families, visits to small villages and schools, and hands-on learning experiences such as cooking and crafts. All of these are tailored to the interests of the individual traveler. This is a truly unique and memorable experience. Itineraries are flexible enough to accommodate the needs of the traveler, but are still personalized and geared toward preserving local customs.

Look at Egypt Tours

In 2006, Look at Egypt Tours was established. Its mission was to organize sustainable and responsible tourism in Egypt. All tours are led by local guides with extensive knowledge of the country. Its staff is committed to accessibility and offers tours suitable for every kind of traveler. Moreover, it offers tours beyond Egypt to other countries in the Middle East. This article will provide you with the essential information about the services offered by Look at Egypt Tours.

Cleopatra Egypt Tours

If you’re in Egypt and looking to explore the ancient culture, book a King Tut & Cleopatra Egypt Tours tour. These tours offer private experiences with renowned Egyptologists and include luxury accommodations, all sightseeing tours, and meals. They also include domestic airfare, basic health insurance, and taxes. There are plenty of different ways to customize your tour to include the sites you want to see.

OAT’s Nile River dream tour

If you dream of traveling down the Nile, you must experience Egypt’s “golden people,” who are connected to the river’s waters. The people here have endured an uprising in 2011 but consider it a success. You can also visit bustling markets in Aswan, which are packed with people and livestock. When the weather is nice, more tourists flock to Aswan, so you might want to book your tour as early as possible.