Tips For Choosing Egypt Tours Packages

egypt tours packages

There are many different Egypt tours packages available, from budget to luxury, starting everyday of the year. You can choose a package to suit your budget, or customize your trip to meet your exact needs. Whether you want to see the pyramids or simply relax on a sandy beach, you’ll find a tour to suit your preferences. Here are some tips to help you choose the right Egypt tour package. You can search for your tour package on Expedia, around Egypt tours, or Egypt United Tours.


For a memorable vacation, consider one of the many Expedia Egypt tours packages. This rare destination offers a variety of different tours to suit every budget and travel preference. In the southern part of the country, you can enjoy some free time in Hurghada or Luxor. If you prefer a quieter atmosphere, try a package tour that includes a relaxing day on the Red Sea. The sites in southern Egypt include Luxor and the Valley of the Kings.

A package tour can include airfare, hotels, and government taxes. Most packages come with an English-speaking tour guide and air-conditioned buses. You won’t have to hire a driver to get around the country. Most Egypt tours are suitable for families, as the tours include a range of activities for all ages. Some of these tours will also include a camel ride or two. The prices of the packages will depend on what you are looking for, but many include the most popular attractions in the country.

Egypt United Tours

Whether you are looking for a guided tour through Egypt or are simply looking for a relaxing vacation, there are several benefits to traveling with Egypt United Tours. Their guides are knowledgeable and will take you on a trip back in time. You will have access to monuments built by the builders of ancient Egyptian civilization. You will also be able to learn about the history behind each inch of each monument. Whether you want to see the pyramids, the Valley of the Kings, or simply want to take a Nile cruise, you will be able to find the right Egypt tour for you.

A professional Egyptologist is available to accompany each tour, providing commentary and tips that are customized to the group’s interests. Guests can also choose to be transferred to and from the airport. With this service, you can feel like an ancient Egyptian while learning about the history of this ancient civilization. The tour director and tour assistant will help you book your hotel and take care of any other arrangements. During your tour, you will also have access to a 24-hour emergency contact.

Around Egypt Tours

The weather in Egypt is often hot, making sightseeing during the summer months difficult. Travelers should plan to visit Egypt during the summer months, when there are fewer tourists and fewer crowds. In the summer, Ramadan occurs and shops close early. Aside from this, it is also a good time to go on optional excursions. A tour leader can arrange these for their clients. Listed below are some tips to consider when choosing an Around Egypt Tour.

The Valley of the Queens: This beautiful valley is the burial site for the wives of pharaohs. It contains more than 90 well-preserved tombs, usually consisting of a passageway, short halls, and a sarcophagus chamber. Three tombs in this region are especially beautiful. Queen Nefertari’s tomb is the most beautiful, and has recently been reopened for public tours.