Excursions From Hurghada

excursions from hurghada

If you’re looking for day trips or excursion ideas from Hurghada, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will give you information on Luxor Day Trips, Off-road safaris, Diving, and more. There are also plenty of excursions from Hurghada to enjoy, including Luxor Temples and Valley of the Kings. Read on to find out more! Here are some of the most popular excursions from Hurghada:

Luxor Day Trip

A Luxor Day Trip from Hurghada offers you an opportunity to visit Egypt’s most ancient and beautiful city. The tour includes stops at the Valley of the Kings, the Colossi of Memnon, the Temple of Hatshepsut, and Karnak. Lunch is included in the price of the tour. After your tour of the ancient city, you’ll be dropped back off in Hurghada.

Valley of the Kings

The best Valley of the Kings excursions from Hurghadha include a day tour to Luxor, the ancient city of Thebes, and the incredible Valley of the Kings, which is home to pharaohs and powerful nobles. The day tour starts at your hotel with a pick-up by a tour guide, and includes a discovery tour of Luxor’s West Bank. After lunch, you’ll head to the Valley of the Kings to see its majestic tombs.

Off-road safaris

Off-road safaris from Hurghadha can be a unique experience, and you will want to know how to choose the best one for you. You can choose between the classic seven-hour Jeep Safari, or you can customize your adventure and try a quad bike tour. After your adventure, you’ll have the opportunity to try Bedouin food and ride a camel. Whatever you choose, off-road safaris in Hurghada will be fun and exciting.


Diving trips from Hurghada depart daily. During a dive, you’ll be accompanied by a professional instructor, who will teach you all the important information needed to dive safely and efficiently. Bright corals and a kaleidoscope of colors are found in the Red sea. Beginners will find the conditions here ideal. The tour also includes lunch on the ship. Afterward, you’ll return to Hurghada by boat.


Scuba diving and snorkelling are great ways to see the underwater world in Egypt, and there are plenty of options in Hurghada. You can spend an entire day at sea, or you can choose a single activity for one day. Either way, there are plenty of options to get wet while you’re here, and there are guided tours to take you there. You can also take a tour of the town and visit the historic sites.

Giftun Islands

Taking Giftun Islands excursions from Hurghada is an excellent way to explore two of Egypt’s beautiful islands. Giftun Kebir lies further west and closer to the town of Hurghada, while Giftun Soraya lies further east. Getting to the islands is easy and is often included in the Hurghada excursion package. You’ll have a great time snorkeling, diving, and swimming in these remote places.