Egypt Tours

egypt tours

When considering Egypt tours, make sure to choose one that includes some of the highlights of the country. Whether you’re interested in a Nile cruise, seeing the sites of Abu Simbel, or just relaxing by the Nile, there are several different destinations that will be a blast. Here are some of the best options for a luxury Egypt tour. Read on for more information. Then make your decision! And remember to plan ahead!


The Colossi of Memnon are a pair of 18-meter high stone statues of pharaohs. These were constructed around 1350 BCE and have survived the ages. Their anatomy and seated postures are still clearly visible today. You can take a short break from walking around the tombs to admire the beauty of this site. You can also visit the Tomb of Ramesses III, which was built to honor the god Amon. The unique shape and design of this tomb make it one of the most impressive monuments in the world.


Aswan is an ancient city that is surrounded by beautiful scenery and a number of attractions. The largest obelisk in the world is located here, which is open to the public every day from 7 AM to 4 PM. You can stay at the historic Sofitel Legend Old Cataract Hotel, which was a favorite of Tsar Nicholas II and Winston Churchill. There are also plenty of other things to do in Aswan, and a sightseeing tour is definitely worth taking.

Abu Simbel

The ancient Egyptian temples of Abu Simbel, Egypt are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This complex of temples is named for a young boy who guided the historical explorers. The great temple is dedicated to the god Amon-Ra, while the small temple is dedicated to Queen Nefertari. Ramesses II had eight wives and 200 children. He devoted 20 years to the construction of Abu Simbel.

Nile cruise

The Nile Cruise, one of the most popular Egypt tours, sails from Luxor to Aswan and includes visits to the Valley of the Kings, the Colossi of Memnon and the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. The river cruise also includes a visit to the ancient city of Edfu, where you can see the strange double temple of Kom Ombo. After lunch onboard, Nile Cruise Egypt tours depart for Aswan and arrive in Luxor before the evening.

Private tours

Private Egypt tours are great for travelers looking to tailor their trip to their personal tastes. Private tours allow you to spend less time at certain locations and add additional attractions. They can also get you into smaller areas where you can see carvings and paintings up close. Private guides can also help you ask questions. Private tours are ideal for those who don’t have the time to do so themselves. The private guides can answer all of your questions and make sure that you get the most out of your visit.


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