Tours of Egypt

tours of egypt

Tours of Egypt are a fantastic way to experience the wonders of this ancient land. Whether you are seeking adventure or the chance to relax, there are several different options for tours of Egypt. Here are some of the most popular options: Nile cruise, Felucca sailboat tour, Sleeper train, Customized tours, etc. Read on to learn more about them. To get the best value for your money, make sure you take your time researching all the options.

Felucca sailboat tour

Felucca sailboat tours are an unforgettable way to experience the ancient culture of Egypt. Feluccas were used as transportation and a source of life for ancient Egyptians. Feluccas can accommodate between eight and twenty people. They are decorated with many cushions lining the oval shape and have tables on the floor. During the journey, the sailor will point out interesting archaeological sites along the way and give you a guided tour of the ancient city of Luxor.

Sleeper train

Traveling to Egypt by sleeper train is one of the most popular ways to see the ancient sights. You can ride from Luxor to Cairo, or from Aswan to Cairo. Choosing a sleeper train is a great option if you have very little time, or if you want to see the sites without having to get up early in the morning. You can also enjoy the scenery while you sleep. You will have the luxury of a sleeper car, or the luxuries of a recliner.

Nile cruise

A Nile cruise is a popular form of tourism in southern Upper Egypt, drawing millions of visitors every year. This type of travel is a great way to experience Egypt’s natural atmosphere, with picturesque landscapes and fresh air surrounding you. Some tours will also include a day in the coastal city of Hurghada. Listed below are some of the highlights of Nile cruise tours of Egypt. To find the best Nile cruise, consider booking a multi-day cruise that includes the capital city, Cairo.

Customized tours

If you want to make your vacation in Egypt more memorable and enjoyable, then consider using a tour company. You probably want to see the Pyramids and the Nile, but getting around in Egypt can be complicated. You can hire local guides to help you get around safely and make the most of your vacation. It can also save you time and money compared to trying to organize everything yourself. Here are a few reasons to use a tour company.

Getting a visa for a trip to Egypt

Whether you are planning a trip to Egypt for business or pleasure, obtaining a visa will be a must. In many countries, it is easy to get a tourist visa upon arrival in Egypt. A tourist visa is good for three months, and there are no restrictions for staying in Red Sea resorts. But what if you plan to stay longer? Read on to find out how to get a visa for a trip to Egypt.