Excursions From Hurghada

excursions from hurghada

You have probably wondered what the best excursion options are from Hurghada. There are numerous places you can visit while staying in this coastal resort town. Luxor is an excellent choice for a day trip from Hurghada. The city is well known for its famous scuba diving spots. You can find many dive shops in Sekalla, while El Dahar features many bars and traditional Egyptian souks. Hurghada has a long sandy beach lined with resort hotels.

Luxor is a day trip from Hurghada

If you want to take a short break from the busy daily life in Hurghada, you can choose to make a day trip to Luxor. Many tourists visit Luxor in one day, and these trips offer a variety of activities. The trip to Luxor can be done in small groups or privately, and you can opt for either an air-conditioned bus or a private vehicle. The day trip will usually start early in the morning and include a scenic coach transfer.

This tour starts with a pick-up at your Hurghada hotel. You will board a comfortable minibus for the five-hour journey, and you can sleep during the ride. Alternatively, you can choose to go straight to Luxor and avoid the bus tour altogether. In either case, the price will vary, but the price also includes entrance fees to Luxor’s archaeological sites. You will have to pay an extra fee for personal spending, but this is well worth it in the long run.

It is a popular tourist destination

Divers are attracted to the waters of Hurghada for its excellent diving. This area is also a major tourist development, with Al Gouna, 20km north of Hurghada, now considered one of the premier Red Sea destinations. This resort town was created by an Egyptian entrepreneur, who wanted to develop it as a self-contained community with its own airstrip and high-quality facilities.

It is the perfect setting for recreational activities, with mild weather all year long. The surrounding area is largely virgin, and it is home to rare flora and fauna. In addition to diving, snorkeling is another popular activity in the area. Divers can go deep underwater and watch the coral reefs from the comfort of their own snorkeling equipment. The Coptic Cathedral of Saint Shenouda is also a popular destination for tourists.

It is a day trip from Hurghada

Trying to decide what to do on your next day trip? The city of Hurghada has a variety of options. From the scenic El Gouna cruise with snorkeling stops to the large Jungle Aquapark. There are 35 slides – 21 of them are for adults. If you are looking for an exciting and affordable day trip from Hurghada, there are many options to choose from.

The Luxor Temple, the second most famous attraction in Egypt, is a must-see. The monument is an ancient Egyptian temple with pharaonic inscriptions on the walls. The pharaonic inscriptions on the walls tell fascinating stories about life in ancient Egypt. You will learn about pharaonic burial practices, art, and history. The tour includes lunch. A fascinating museum is also included, as is a trip to the famous Sphinx.