Tours of Egypt – G Adventures’ Three-Day Itinerary and Audley Travel’s City and Beach Break

tours of egypt

There are many great tours of Egypt, including the Step Pyramid and the Tombs of Saqqara. You can also check out the Imhotep Museum and the Colossi of Memnon, and get an early dinner. This article will provide an overview of G Adventures’ three-day itinerary. You can also check out Audley Travel’s city-and-beach break.

Luxor’s ancient workers’ village

Visitors to Luxor’s West Bank can visit the remains of the ancient workers’ village. These colorful tombs were built by tomb builders who lived and worked nearby. The ancient floodplain of the Nile becomes higher as it approaches the Western Desert, which is why it’s often difficult to find them. Nevertheless, a private website dedicated to the Village of the Workers provides great insight into the life of tomb builders.

G Adventures’ three-day itinerary

When planning a holiday to Egypt, it is important to choose a tour company that will provide the type of activities you prefer. This three-day itinerary in Egypt offers more than just a tour and can even include some local knowledge. While the tour is a little more expensive than others, you can expect to receive more services and amenities while on the trip. For instance, you will not have to worry about dealing with a salesperson or a translator, as you will be working with an experienced guide. The trip is also suitable for travelers of all fitness levels as it includes light hiking and walking. The itinerary is not too demanding, and the group size is low – 12 people on average, but sometimes there are as many as 16 travellers.

Audley Travel’s city and beach break in Egypt

For the perfect holiday to the land of kings and Pharaohs, book a city and beach break in Egypt with Audley Travel. This itinerary offers cultural highlights in Cairo, followed by six days at a Red Sea resort. Whether you enjoy relaxing on the beach or participating in water sports, you’ll find a variety of activities in Egypt. And the best part? You’ll have your own private guide with you throughout your holiday.

Intrepid Travel’s Nile cruise

Intrepid Travel offers three different tours of Egypt. The Explore Egypt tour is the most affordable, and it features the most popular sites in Egypt as well as a felucca ride and traditional homestay. The trip also has a good balance of activities, including both included and optional excursions. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the ancient ruins and relax on the Red Sea in between excursions. In addition, you’ll get plenty of time to explore the cities.

Memphis Tours’ private tours

You will enjoy the sights and sounds of ancient Egypt on Memphis Tours’ private tours of Egypt. The city is home to the second largest Sphinx in Egypt and the lying colossus of Ramses II. The city was Egypt’s first capital after the unification of the Northern and Southern kingdoms. It is also where the Pharaohs were crowned. During the early Egyptian period, Memphis was an important city and a place of pilgrimage.

Royal Tour’s private entrances to Giza pyramids

One of the most exciting sites to visit while in Egypt is the Giza Pyramids Complex. This impressive ancient Egyptian complex contains some of the world’s greatest architectural feats. Whether you’re looking for a way to explore the mystical Pyramid of Khufu or the Giza Sphinx, a visit to this complex is sure to be an unforgettable experience. To start your visit, a professional Egyptologist will pick you up at your hotel at 8:00 AM. Your professional Egyptologist will introduce you to the mystical Pyramid of Khufu, the Subterranean Chamber, and other highlights of this complex.

Luxor’s Old Legend Cataract on a boat

Located on a pink granite shelf on the Nile, the Sofitel’s Old Legend Cataract is one of the most luxurious hotels in Egypt. The opulent hotel features French and Arabian decor, Moorish domes, and Persian area rugs. Guests are pampered by the hotel’s five-star service and spacious rooms. The hotel’s restaurant, Saraya, features Oriental cuisine. Guests can enjoy sunset felucca cruises from the Sofitel’s luxurious poolside terrace.