Top Picks For Hurghada Excursions

hurghada excursions

There are several exciting excursions available in Hurghada, Egypt. From the awe-inspiring Red Sea to visiting a dolphinarium and water park, there is something for everyone. Read on for more information on some of the most popular activities in the area. While you are here, check out these top picks for Hurghada excursions. Let us help you decide which ones to take! Hopefully you’ll have a fantastic time!

Explore the Red Sea

Discover the Red Sea and its surrounding desert on a variety of Hurghada excursions. This beach resort town is renowned for its scuba diving opportunities, and has dozens of dive shops in the Sekalla district. El Dahar is an upmarket area with traditional Egyptian coffee shops, souks, and a long, sandy beach lined with resort hotels. Explore the wonders of Hurghada by scuba diving or just relax on the beach.

Visit a dolphinarium

Visiting a dolphinarium on your Hurghada excursions is a wonderful way to see these beautiful sea animals up close and personal. There are several different shows at the Hurghada Dolphinarium, including one that features dolphins performing tricks and jumping through hoops. You may also catch a seal or sea lion playing with balls or giving you an aerobics lesson. You can even get your picture taken with the dolphins after the show.

Visit a water park

One of the most fun things to do on your Hurghada excursions is to visit a water park. You can go to a number of these water parks. You can visit the Jungle Aqua Park, which is the largest of these water parks in the area. This water park has dozens of different slides, pools, and games for kids. The Jungle Aqua Park is an ideal place to relieve stress with a day filled with water fun.

Take a camel ride

For an authentic Egyptian experience, consider taking a camel ride on one of your Hurghada excursions. The ancient camel culture is still alive and well in Egypt, and it’s possible to do it without spending a lot of money. A camel ride in Hurghada is a great family activity, and it’s also an excellent way to get the feel for the country’s ancient culture.

Visit a desert safari

The most popular way to see the beauty of Hurghada’s desert is to visit a Bedouin village and a desert safari. Bedouins are amazing creatures with thick skin pads on their knees and chests and huge flat feet. You can also go on a quad bike ride or even a spider car ride if you’re feeling adventurous. You can cancel your booking up to twelve hours in advance.

Take a quad bike

If you are looking for an adventure in Hurghada, take a quad bike tour! These tours take you on a scenic journey through the desert, conquering dunes, and seeing Bedouin life. The tour includes a demonstration on how to drive a quad bike and a brief lesson. After a thrilling ride through the desert, you’ll explore a Bedouin village and learn about their customs and traditions. You can even try Bedouin tea!

Visit a camel ride

Did you know you can take a camel ride in the desert? Did you know that you can enjoy a camel ride in Hurghada? You can see the ancient culture of horses in this ancient land. You can also try a quad bike tour or a camel ride on your Hurghada excursions. If you are traveling with children, don’t miss out on the chance to experience this unique and fascinating activity.