Top Excursions in Hurghada

excursions in hurghada

When you visit Hurghada, you should plan your excursion carefully. Many excursions are intended for adults only and don’t accommodate children or the elderly. Look for “Instructions” and “Notes” fields to see what to be aware of. Depending on the nature of the excursion, there are a variety of options, from city tours to desert safaris. Read on to learn about the top excursions in Hurghada.

Day trips

If you are a nature lover and would like to go diving, there are some good day trips in Hurghada. There is a huge Aquarium in the town and you can spend about thirty dollars to see the many marine species. You can also visit a zoo or education center. If you’re not into diving, you can take a glass bottom boat or submarine ride to see the underwater world. If you’re interested in having a fun family day out, there are 14 swimming pools and a family water park with 35 slides.

Off-road safaris

Off-road safaris in Hurghadha can be enjoyed in a range of vehicles from a four-wheel drive to a quad bike. The excursion can take you through the desert and also includes a Bedouin village visit and dinner. It also allows you to experience the city on the sands and even enjoy an Oriental show. You can also join a group tour of the city while on a Hurghada safari.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving tours in Hurghada offer a chance to explore the marine life. You’ll see magnificent flora and fauna and learn about underwater safety. Your dive guide will also brief you on the rules of the sport. Your Hurghada diving tour includes two dives. Lunch is served onboard, and you can enjoy the scenery as well as the company of fellow divers. You should bring sunblock, sunglasses, and a towel.

Camel rides

If you’re looking for a way to combine your vacation with a little adventure, consider going on camel rides in Hurghada. While the beach is just a short walk away, there are a number of other options to explore, including camel rides in the desert. Whether you’re a history buff or just want to see a different side of the Egyptian countryside, camel rides in Hurghada are the perfect way to do both.

Giftun island trips

One of the most popular tours in Hurghada is the Giftun Island snorkeling excursion. Located within the city, this island offers a perfect day of relaxing on the white sandy beaches and clear waters. Known for its diverse coral reefs, it is a popular spot for snorkelling and diving. Pick-up from your hotel is included. The tour includes a buffet lunch and a special children’s menu.

Ancient Egypt attractions

The Colossi of Memnon, a pair of towering statues that loom over the town, are among the most popular Ancient Egypt attractions in Hurghada. These colossal stone statues originally opened a temple for the pharaoh Amenophis III. However, they were erroneously named after the Greek god Colossus, rather than after their Egyptian king. Due to the air trapped in the pores of the stone, the monuments were damaged during the morning.