Top 4 Tour Operators Offering Great Value in Egypt

tours of egypt

There are many famous sights in Egypt, so how can you choose which ones to visit? It helps to have a tour operator. In this article, I’ll look at the top four companies offering tours to Egypt. Each one has different offerings, but they all offer excellent value. You can choose from G Adventures, Audley Travel, and Exodus. You can even find a tour operator that specializes in this region.


Some Exodus tours of Egypt include a trip to the nearby country of Jordan. The Exodus trail is a biblical pilgrimage and tours usually last a week or more. The accommodations may be rustic, but travel is not too strenuous. Fit tourists may enjoy the tour more. Those who are a little bit more active may enjoy the trek even more. If you have never visited Egypt, you should consider booking a tour with a knowledgeable local guide.

G Adventures

If you’re looking for an unforgettable vacation in Egypt, G Adventures offers tours of the country. With a focus on eco-tourism and sustainable travel, G Adventures supports local businesses, indigenous people, and wildlife. The company is also involved in disaster relief, and has partnered with organizations such as Global Exploration for Educators (GEEE) and the Jane Goodall Institute to promote wildlife-friendly tourism.

Audley Travel

Audley travel is a great way to elevate your next trip. Their expert, locally-led tours provide local insights and personal attention. With COVID-19 still affecting travel to many countries, it’s important to review the necessary safety measures and restrictions before booking a trip. You can find a full list of Covid-19 resources on the Audley website. And, if you have any questions about your trip, they’re always happy to help.


To experience the culture and history of Egypt, Intrepid travel offers several options for transport. The overnight trains we took were surprisingly comfortable. The compartments lock, and each compartment has two beds and a sink. Plugs for electronics are also provided. We were served dinner and breakfast, but both meals were heavy on carbs. The trip to the Pyramids lasted six days, and we were amazed by how much we learned. We walked away from this experience with a better understanding of the history of the city.


With Smartours tours of Egypt, you will have a guide who will offer commentary, recommendations, and tips tailored to your specific interests and activity levels. You will be able to see the sites of ancient Egypt in a way that’s tailored to your preferences and the interests of your travel companions. Read on to learn more about these Egypt tours. We’ve compiled some helpful tips to help you plan a memorable trip to Egypt.