Top 3 Tour Operators for a Memorable Trip to Egypt

tours of egypt

There are many famous places to visit in Egypt, and you can take a tour to experience them all. You can choose from a number of different tour operators to ensure that your vacation is as memorable as possible. Read on for more information about different tour operators and how they can make your trip an unforgettable one. Then, you can begin planning your trip! Here are the top three choices:

Black Tomato

Travelers who want a truly unique experience can consider one of the tours offered by Black Tomato. They offer customized vacation packages, tailored to fit any age group, couple, or budget. And their prices are competitive, starting around $2,000 USD. The company also offers trips that do not involve traditional tours, like hiking in the desert or staying with a nomadic family. These tours also offer exclusive access to some of Egypt’s most beautiful locations.

Viking River Cruises

On Viking River Cruises tours of Egypt, you’ll enjoy a comprehensive culture curriculum, with lectures, demonstrations and tastings highlighting the history, customs and culture of the area. For example, the “Pharaohs & Pyramids” cruise itinerary begins in Cairo with a three-night stay at the Great Pyramids of Giza. After that, fly to Luxor for a visit to the Temples of Luxor and Karnak. Then, board a Viking river cruise ship for an eight-day Nile River journey.


You can enjoy the seven wonders of the world and more on a Viking tour of Egypt. You can visit the Sphinx, Giza Pyramid, and other Egyptian sites during your cruise. Egyptian restroom attendants are often barefoot and offer only toilet paper towels. However, they expect a tip of one Egyptian pound, which is roughly 10 cents. A local tour director told me that there are many changes coming, including the opening of a new museum by the Giza Pyramid.

Living Passages

The foundational narrative of the Exodus is found in the Old Testament, and is a vital account in Christian history. Living Passages tailors journeys to these stories and places, and guides assist with itinerary planning and pace. In addition to the ancient temples, the tour includes visits to the Valley of the Kings and the Solar Boat, which was built to take Pharaoh Khufu to the afterlife.


The ten-year conservation project has restored the wall paintings of Tutankhamun’s tomb and improved air filtration systems. A new viewing platform, walkways, and signage will be added as part of Tauck’s 2020 tours. Tauck is also adding two new tours to Egypt next year. These new trips will include several nights of river cruising aboard a luxury riverboat. In addition to the new tours, Tauck has recently completed a renovation of Tutankhamun’s tomb and upgraded the lighting.