Things to Do on Excursions From Hurghada

excursions from hurghada

There are many things to do while you are on an excursion from Hurghada. Some of them include Scuba diving, visiting Paradise Island, and a Quad bike ride. Others may take you to the Luxor Temple. Here are a few tips to help you decide what to do from Hurghada. We also have a list of the best tours to book from Hurghada.

Scuba diving

If you have never been scuba diving, you’re in for a treat! This resort town has been known for its beautiful underwater scenery and a plethora of dive shops. Its famous beach is lined with resort hotels and the sea is home to a vibrant array of colorful fish. In addition to scuba diving, you can try snorkeling and other water sports while you’re in Hurghada.

Paradise Island

If you are a snorkeling enthusiast and want to see the pristine coral reefs of the Red Sea, you should take one of the many Paradise Island excursions from Hurghelda. This day trip will take you away from the hustle and bustle of the main resort area and allow you to enjoy the sun and sand. You can snorkel among the unique varieties of fish that live along the coast.

Quad bike

One of the most popular activities in Hurghada is quad bike excursions, which give you the chance to explore the local desert and get up close to the Bedouin people. The three-hour excursion covers 50 km of desert terrain, and you can even sip tea in a Bedouin tent as you ride. The tour is operated by Landious Travel, which picks you up at 8:00am.

Day trip to Luxor

If you have been dreaming of visiting ancient Egypt, a Day Trip to Luxor from Hurghada is the perfect getaway. In just a day, you can see the Valley of the Kings, one of the world’s largest open-air museums. A tour of Luxor’s pharaonic temples begins on the West Bank, which contains the tombs of many famous Pharaohs. You’ll also see Hatshepsut Mortuary Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the famous Colossi of Memnon, which have incredible architecture and history.

Beach excursions

If you’re looking for a memorable excursion, consider a submarine ride in the Red Sea. On board a submarine, you can explore the incredible underwater ecosystem while watching coral reefs and colorful fish. Other Hurghada excursions include a visit to ancient Egyptian civilizations. One of the main attractions of this excursion is the Carnatic dive. This dive site features the wreck of a British cargo ship that sank in 1869 and a German ship that sank in 1978. The resulting crater has thriving coral and a wealth of fish life, including triggerfish, lionfish, and pipefish.