The Best Tours of Egypt

tours of egypt

There are many tours of Egypt. Whether you’re looking for small-group tours or an upscale experience, friendly Planet’s Egypt trips are a great choice. The company maintains an office in Cairo and uses the same tour manager and guides on all trips. Hotel quality is high, and there are few hassles. The company can also pre-purchase your Egypt visa for you, and the visa will be ready to go when you arrive.

Black Tomato

The company behind the tours is named Black Tomato and is known for delivering cutting-edge and imaginative travel experiences. The company is famous for handcrafting deeply personal itineraries and ensuring each trip is as customized as possible. The company’s philosophy is to deliver unforgettable experiences by connecting travelers with the places and people they wish to visit. Here are a few reasons why you should consider booking a trip with Black Tomato.

Memphis Tours

If you’re looking for a unique tour of Egypt, you should consider booking a Memphis Tour. The first tour company in Egypt, Memphis Tours has been in operation since 1955. Memphis offers a range of tours, from a small group tour in Cairo to a private tour in Luxor. Memphis Tours’ prices range from $35 USD to $90 USD per person. The tours last for between three to 15 days, and they include everything from a Nile cruise to Luxor and Karnak Temples.

Archaeological Paths

For the ultimate VIP experience, book a tour with Archaeological Paths in Egypt. During the early morning hours, guests have access to the Giza Plateau without the usual crowds. These tours are exclusive and are reserved for VIP guests such as world-renowned scholars, heads of state, and other high-profile individuals. The experience is guaranteed to be unforgettable. Read on to find out what makes a tour with Archaeological Paths in Egypt so special.

Royal Egypt Tour

For travelers who want to experience the ancient Egyptian culture, the Royal Egypt Tour provides an opportunity to do just that. It includes private Egyptologist services throughout the tour, including Cairo, Aswan, and Nile Cruise. The tour also includes a full day of sightseeing, including a visit to the Valley of the Kings, which contains the tomb of King Tut. Guests may also opt to see the pyramids in reverse, which is also available.


OAT tours of Egypt are an exciting and personalized way to experience the country. Tours are completely customizable, allowing you to enjoy meals with local families and communities, visit schools and small communities, and participate in hands-on activities. Your tour will include all shore excursions, as well as on-board activities, such as cooking demonstrations and traditional crafts. To top it all off, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the Pyramids, the Valley of the Kings, and other famous Egyptian attractions.