Hurghada Excursions

If you want to enjoy the sights and sounds of Egypt and the Red Sea without having to go far from the resort, then there are a few things you should do in Hurghada. You can visit the Giftun Islands, visit the Karnak Temple and enjoy an off-road safari in Hurghada. Or, you can even take a relaxing submarine tour to see the sights from beneath the sea. The list is endless!

Off-road safari adventures in Hurghada

Off-road safari adventures in Hurghadda are a great way to discover the area. You can take a Jeep or quad bike tour to explore the desert, or try a camel ride across the dunes. The Hurghada Desert Super Safari combines a quad bike ride with a 45-minute desert crossing. You’ll also get to visit a Bedouin village.

Trip to the Giftun Islands

There are many different types of Hurghada excursions to the Giftuns, but the two most popular are the aforementioned island groups. Giftun Kebir is the more western of the two, closer to the town of Hurghada. Giftun Soraya is to the east, but is equally beautiful. If you want to see the best of both worlds, you should book a trip to either island.

Visit to the Karnak Temple

The Sound and Light Show at Karnak showcases the historical rise of the city of Thebes and the Karnak Temple, complete with the colossal statues of the pharaohs. The show includes descriptions of the temple’s treasures and the divine ancient Egyptian artifacts. Afterward, guests are treated to an excellent meal at one of the city’s finest restaurants.

Submarine tour in Luxor

One of the most unique experiences in Egypt is a submarine tour. The excursion starts with a hotel pickup from Hurghada. Guests board a modern vessel with 18 panoramic windows. Upon entering the water, passengers will be able to see colorful fish and coral reefs. The ship can dive to 72 feet below sea level. Afterwards, they will head back to their hotel.

Visit to the Luxor Temple

A day trip to the Luxor Temple from Hurghada will allow you to see the pharaonic inscriptions that are carved into the walls of this ancient Egyptian temple. These inscriptions reveal many secrets about the ancient Egyptian culture, including marriage contracts, art, and architecture. A guided tour of this magnificent site will reveal its history and art, as well as its architecture. After the tour, you will be transported back to Hurghada.