Hurghada Excursions

hurghada excursions

If you are visiting Egypt, you must go on Hurghada excursions to enjoy the many sights of this ancient Egyptian city. Some of the most popular attractions in Hurghada include Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple, Colossi of Memnon, and the Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. However, if you want to see more, there are several other places you can visit. Read on to learn about the best Hurghada excursions and what to do while you are here.

Luxor Temple

A day trip from Hurghada can include a visit to Luxor Temple, the largest complex of ancient Egyptian temples. The complex consists of three main temples, as well as smaller, enclosed ones, and several outer temples. With 247 acres of land, you’re sure to find something interesting to look at! And if you’re curious about how these ancient monuments were built, you can visit an alabaster stone factory or an original papyrus institute on your trip.

Karnak Temple

The two-day tour to Luxor from Hurghada opens the golden doors of the greatest open-air museum on earth. Your American clients will experience the city’s many attractions, including the Karnak Temple, Hatshepsut Temple, Valley of the Kings, and the Sound and Light Show. A stop at Karnak Temple will allow you to witness its history firsthand and experience its many treasures.

Colossi of Memnon

If you’re interested in ancient Egyptian history, you might want to take one of the Colossi of Memnon excursions during your trip to Hurghada. Originally located in Egypt’s Theban Necropolis, west of the Nile River, these two majestic statues are thought to be over 2,000 years old. They were carved from quartzite sandstone and transported 420 miles to their final resting place near ancient Thebes.

Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut

One of the most important attractions in Hurghada is the Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatsh-epsut, also known as the Djeser-Djeseru, or “Holy of Holies.” The tomb was built for the empress and pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty, Hatshepsut. It is not only dedicated to the queen, but also to the creator god, Amun. The Egyptian monarchy had a duty to preserve their legacy, and this is why Queen Hatshepsut built the Mortuary temple in order to enhance her public image.

Giftun Islands

If you have never been to the Giftun Islands, then you are in for a treat! There are two islands in the Red Sea close to Hurghada, Egypt. One is Giftun Kebir, which is located further west and closer to Hurghada, and the other is Giftun Soraya, which is further east. Both islands are well worth a visit! You can enjoy snorkeling, diving, and other activities on a trip to the Giftun Islands from Hurghada.