Hurghada Excursions

hurghada excursions

If you’re thinking about taking an excursion to Hurghada, Egypt, you’ve come to the right place. This desert island is famous for its scuba diving and other activities. In the Sekalla district, you can find dive shops and bars. Downtown, you can find souks and traditional Egyptian coffee shops. And, of course, you’ll find the famous stretches of sandy beach dotted with resort hotels.

Hurghada is a desert island

The city of Hurghada is located in the Red Sea Governorate in Egypt. It is Arabic for ‘lGrdq@al-Gurdaqa’, which means ‘a place of sand’. The city is a popular tourist center in Egypt. Its turquoise beaches, coral reefs, and various water sports have made it a popular tourist destination. In addition, Hurghada also has many top-notch hotels and restaurants that offer all the modern conveniences.

It is a popular tourist destination

Located on the Red Sea coast of Egypt, beach resort town Hurghada is the perfect place to unwind after a long day of exploring the country’s most beautiful sights. The town is also popular for scuba diving, with several dive shops located in the Sekalla district. Other attractions include the traditional Egyptian souks and coffee shops, as well as the beachfront, lined with resort hotels.

It offers scuba diving

Among the many attractions in Hurghada, scuba diving is a great option for vacationers and a must-do for those in the area. Guests can sign up for an excursion that offers a dive experience at various diving sites in the Red Sea. The daytrip boats are comfortable and have a range of amenities, including a lunch buffet, sunbathing deck, ladders, rinse tanks, and comfortable seating. In addition to dive gear, the daytrip boats also carry emergency oxygen tanks, ship-to-shore radios, life jackets, and other safety precautions.

It has a camel ride

Did you know that camel rides in Hurghada are more than just a 10 minute walk away from the beach? The ancient camel culture continues to flourish in Egypt, and you can experience it too. Most of these excursions include camel rides on a desert safari. While the desert is extremely hot in the early morning and late afternoon, it is much cooler in the afternoon. You can also choose from short rides near the Old Market or longer excursions to the mountains.

It has a dolphinarium

When you’re on vacation in Egypt, you’ll likely want to take the time to visit a dolphinarium. One of the best is located near Hurghada, and this facility meets the highest standards for marine mammals. The water is clean and purified with modern filter technology imported from Italy. The dolphinarium was built from scratch to meet these high standards, and the show is entertaining and educational. Guests can watch the dolphins perform tricks and play with balls, jump through hoops, and even get an exercise lesson.

It has a submarine

If you are looking for unique tours, you can try the Sindbad Submarine excursion in Hurghada. During this excursion, you can see colorful fish and coral reefs as you dive to a depth of over 20 meters. Once you’re done, the representative will take you back to your Hurghada hotel. This tour is an unforgettable experience! Read on to learn more about this excursion.