Hurghada Attractions

hurghada excursions

There are a number of things that you can do while you’re in Hurghada. From water parks to dolphinariums and aquariums, you’re sure to find plenty of things to do. But before you start booking your Hurghada excursions, be sure to find out what attractions are nearby. After all, you can’t go to the Red Sea without seeing a little sea life! Below, you’ll find a few options to get you started on your Hurghada excursions.

Water parks

Located near the Eastern Arabian Desert, Hurghada is a resort town on the Red Sea Coast in Egypt. This beach town has undergone enormous growth in the past decade. Although it can sometimes seem overrun, it is an easy beach destination for Europeans, thanks to the excellent snorkeling and diving sites. And if you’re not quite sure what to do with all that water, you can always visit the old quarter, El Dahar, for some local history.


Despite its popularity, the newly opened dolphinariums in Hurghada have been plagued by accusations of cruelty and abuse. The Egyptian Red Sea is not the source of the dolphins used in the aquariums, according to the Red Sea Governorate. In fact, these dolphins are actually imported from Japan. This is contrary to Egyptian regulations, which demand that they be kept in quarantine for at least 105 days before being released into the wild.


For those looking to experience the wonders of the underwater world, aquariums in Hurghada are the perfect choice. The Grand Aquarium features twenty aquariums, more than 1200 species, and an underwater glass tunnel. Located in the resort city of Hurghada, Egypt, the aquarium features many live aquatic scenes. Divers can see different species of fish, sharks, coral reefs, and more. The aquarium also houses a museum dedicated to fossils.

Scuba diving

Depending on your preferences, you can take a daytrip to dive or go on a longer dive trip. Scuba diving in Egypt is a popular activity, and diving in this city is available all year round. Full-day tours include 2 dives, each lasting 20 to 25 minutes, and transportation from your Hurghada hotel to the diving site. You will also have time for rest and relaxation. The dive trips are suitable for beginners as well as experienced divers.

Beach excursions

One of the top 10 things to do in Hurghada is to go snorkelling. You can swim or float on the turquoise waters of one of the surrounding islands. Another exciting activity is kite surfing, which promises a rush of adrenaline. Kite surfing is becoming increasingly popular in Hurghada, thanks to the year-round warm weather and the abundance of sea sports opportunities. You can book a snorkelling trip at Giftun, Abu Dabab, or Shadwan Island.

City tours

There are numerous different ways to explore Hurghada city. The most popular tour is an excursion to the Red Sea. This excursion will begin with hotel pick-up, and you’ll enjoy a panoramic view of the city. You’ll also get to see the shipyard and old port. A Hurghada city tour can be customized to include a variety of different activities, including scuba diving.