Guided Tours of Egypt

tours of egypt

Many tourists will opt for guided tours of Egypt. While this is a great way to see the sights, you should be aware that a guide is what makes or breaks your trip in Egypt. If you are planning on going on a guided tour, it would be better if you can get the same person for the entire trip. Here are some tips for choosing a guide:


While touring Egypt, it is a must to visit the city of Thebes. During its peak, it was part of the fourth nome of Upper Egypt, and its tombs were among the most luxurious in the land. In addition, the city was spread out over a wide area between Luxor and Karnak, along a sphinx-lined avenue. During the 21st and 22nd dynasties, Thebes was under the rule of the Hyksos, but King Ahmose rescued it from Hyksos and drove them out of the city in 1530 BC.

Abu Simbel

A visit to Abu Simbel will not only reward you with spectacular views but will also educate you on the history of ancient Egypt. The temples of Abu Simbel honor the sun god and include 4 enormous statues of the king. The temples were constructed to commemorate the king’s victory at the Battle of Kadesh. Before the temples were discovered by explorers in the 1960s, the temple complex was completely covered in sand and remained undiscovered until the Aswan Dam was built on the Nile.

Kom Ombo

One of the most unique features of the Temple of Kom Ombo is its unusual double temple design. This unique structure can be found in the city of Kom Ombo in Upper Egypt’s Aswan Governorate. It was built during the Ptolemaic dynasty (180-47 BC) and received additions during the Roman period. Despite its unusual construction, the temple continues to fascinate visitors. Tours to this site may be particularly intriguing for those with a passion for history.

G Adventures

The company, which has been operating since the world reopened, is celebrating its 250th trip this month. This tour marks a milestone for the company, which has grown to become one of the world’s leading travel companies. In celebration of its 250th tour, 11 travellers set off from Cairo on a 12-day Egypt Upgraded tour. This month, the company added Colombia, Jordan, Portugal, Spain, Montenegro, Morocco, Tanzania, and the U.S. to its list of open countries.

Audley Travel

If you are considering taking a trip to Egypt, there are several benefits to booking one of the Audley Travel tours. These tours are operated by experts in their respective fields, so you can count on an unparalleled level of service and care. Plus, you’ll have access to knowledgeable local guides, as well as personal attention. COVID-19, or the Common Vulnerable Areas Disease, is still affecting travel around the world. For this reason, it’s important to review all relevant safety measures and restrictions before booking your trip. Here’s how to read the Covid-19 guidelines.


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