Exploring Egypt on Excursions From Hurghada

If you’re planning a vacation to Egypt, you might want to consider going on excursions from Hurghada. The city is a popular beach resort town on the Red Sea. It’s also known for its scuba diving, with a variety of dive shops in the Sekalla district. Other attractions in Hurghada include a traditional Egyptian souk and coffee shops. The town’s long, sandy beach is lined with resort hotels.

Luxor is a day trip from Hurghada

On a Luxor day trip from Hurghada, you will have the opportunity to explore the most important temples of ancient Egypt, including the famous Karnak Temple. This temple, which was built about four thousand years ago, was also known as Ipet-isu, The Selected Place, and Pr-Imn, the House of Amon. Throughout the last 1500 years, this temple was one of the most famous religious man-made structures in the world. The Karnak temple was dedicated to the Theban triad – Amun, Mut, and Khnsou. During its construction, this ancient temple became one of the largest and most important religious structures on earth, and is still the most visited attraction in Egypt.

Visiting the Valley of the Kings

Visiting the Valley of the Kings is one of the top things to do in Egypt. There are over 65 tombs to see. Unfortunately, many of them are closed for restoration or are closed all together to minimize the amount of traffic. If you want to see the tomb of King Tutankhamun, you will need to buy a separate ticket. You can also visit the other three tombs if you purchase an extra ticket.

Visiting the Great Sphinx

Visiting the Great Sphinx from HurGhada is a must-do activity for tourists in Egypt. Located in the desert, the Sphinx is an impressive landmark with its massive granite statue and a dream panel that tells the story of pharaonic achievement. The Great Sphinx has a special meaning for Egyptians as the statue was carved out of a huge stone block in the era of King Khafre in 2558 BC. It protected the pyramids, royal tombs, and the gates to the underworld. Its design is unusual in that it looks toward the east rather than the west, but is still carved out of giant limestone rock.

Visiting the Pyramids

Visiting the Pyramids is a memorable experience. This Egyptian city is located near the Giza Plateau and the Sphinx monuments. The Sphinx is the last of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It was built 4.500 years ago to serve as the everlasting tombs for the pharaohs. The Sphinx is a mysterious statue, combining the head of a lion with the body of a lion. The monuments are close enough to be visited on your Hurghada vacation, so you can get a closer look and feel the magic.

Taking a quad bike tour

Taking a quad bike tour from Hurgghada is an excellent way to see the beautiful scenery of the region. The tour begins with 20 minutes of driving on flat desert sand, before heading to the mountains for the next three hours. You will have the opportunity to visit a Bedouin camp en route, where you can enjoy a cup of tea, or other refreshments. You will then return to your hotel in Hurghada by van.