Excursions in Hurghada, Egypt

excursions in hurghada

When you are planning a trip to Egypt, you may be wondering about the different excursions you can take while staying in Hurghada. This article will cover everything from Scuba diving to Beach excursions. You may even be surprised to learn that the city offers more than just beaches. In addition to the many attractions, you can also participate in activities such as Camel rides! Whether you enjoy scuba diving or snorkeling, you can choose an excursion that suits your interests.

Off-road safaris

If you’re looking for a thrilling vacation, off-road safaris in Hurghada, Egypt, are the way to go. This Red Sea resort town is known for its water activities, but the desert also offers exciting land excursions. Popular land activities include a 4×4 desert safari, a Bedouin village excursion, and a Super Safari trip. The pictures below showcase some of the best off-road safaris in Hurghada.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving in Hurghada offers you a chance to experience the beauty of coral reefs and the surrounding areas. You can dive into the waters of the Hurghada Reef, named after its shape – that of a bird’s beak. Other diving sites in Hurghada include the Carlos Reefs, East Belinda Reefs, and Umm Qamar Reefs.

Beach excursions

If you love scuba diving, then you will be thrilled to learn that Hurghada offers excellent scuba diving experiences. This Red Sea resort town is home to numerous dive shops in the Sekalla district and a long, sandy beach lined with resort hotels. There are also a number of bars, traditional Egyptian souks, and coffee shops in the El Dahar district. The city is the perfect place for a romantic getaway or a family vacation.

Camel rides

If you love history, camel rides in Hurghada are a must-do activity. Enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and sea while riding the camel. Camel rides in Hurghada are easy to find, just a short walk away from the beach. Whether you are traveling with friends or family, camel rides are a great way to see the Egyptian countryside. Here are some tips for choosing the right camel ride.

City tours

If you are visiting Hurghada, Egypt, you’ll find that there are plenty of things to do and see. This resort town on Egypt’s Red Sea coast is a popular beach resort for many reasons, including the scuba diving. The Sekalla district is home to numerous dive shops, while El Dahar is home to several bars and traditional Egyptian souks. Besides its beach, the town has several other attractions worth checking out, such as the long, sandy strip lined with resort hotels.