Excursions in Hurghada

hurghada excursions

If you’re traveling to Hurghada in Egypt, you may have some questions about what to do. If you’re into scuba diving, why not try a camel ride? Or how about visiting a dolphinarium or a water park? There are so many options available for a memorable holiday in Hurghada. Read on to learn more about some of the most popular excursions in Hurghada.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving is a popular sport in Hurghada, Egypt. The diving season in Hurghada starts in August. You can dive for up to two hours per trip and spend around twenty minutes at each site. The trip includes transfer from and to the dive site, lunch, and dive insurance. The cost is approximately US$26 per person for a full set of rental scuba equipment.

Some of the best places to go scuba diving in Hurghada include Elfin Stern, Seyal Island, Al-Sakhr Island, Dolphin House, Sheikh Malik, Abu Diba, and Falui Al-Soghra. Most dives take seven hours to complete, and you’ll learn about the diving rules and safety procedures as you go. If you’re new to scuba diving, try a beginner’s dive.

Camel ride

Did you know you can take a camel ride in Hurghada? Camel rides are among the most popular activities among tourists. You’ll be taken for a peaceful journey through the desert. On your way back, you’ll be treated to a tasty dinner and natural Bedouin tea. And if you’re a romantic, there’s a Bedouin dinner buffet with romantic candles.

If you’d like to experience the traditional nomadic lifestyle, a camel ride is an ideal experience. You’ll ride a camel across the soft sands and listen to the sound of its gentle rumble. And once you’ve finished the ride, you’ll be treated to a delicious barbecue and a show by local performers. While enjoying the beautiful landscapes and sounds of the desert, don’t forget to take in the incredible views on a camel ride in Hurghada.

Visiting a dolphinarium

If you are interested in swimming with dolphins, then you should definitely visit the Dolphinarium in Hurghada. You can spend as much as an hour in the water with these friendly creatures. You can even swim with them after watching their show. The prices for this excursion start from EGP 10 (about US$4). Visiting a dolphinarium during your Hurghada excursions will give you a unique experience.

Visiting a dolphinarium is a great way to experience the Red Sea from a different perspective. Hurghada is home to many dolphins, and you can even get a chance to take a picture with them. Most of these excursions start in Hurghada, and the Dolphinarium is about 30 minutes away. There are also various Hurghada tours that can take you there.

Visiting a water park

Visiting a water park during your Hurghada excursions is a great way to spend a day or afternoon. In fact, you may have a day to spare, so why not make the most of it? There are plenty of options available for waterparks in Hurghada, including the Makadi Jungle. However, the most fun is at the Makadi Water World. You can book your tickets online and skip the queue.

There are many types of water parks in Hurghada, including a wave pool, flumes, and heated pools. The Jungle Aqua Park is one of the largest and offers plenty of activities for the whole family. The park is also home to a number of sunbeds and umbrellas. You can enjoy a full day at the water park with your family, and don’t forget to bring your camera!