Excursions in Hurghada

excursions in hurghada

If you’re looking for some excursions in Hurghada, Egypt, read this first. You’ll find some ideas about Scuba diving, Beach excursions, Boat trips, and Sightseeing tours. Listed below are some of the most popular activities in the area. And of course, no vacation in Egypt is complete without a little shopping! In addition to shopping, Hurghada has plenty of bars and traditional Egyptian souks. And, if you’re looking for more than just a great beach to lie on, consider taking a boat trip to the sand dunes.

Scuba diving

There are several different types of Scuba diving excursions in Hurghada. These excursions are designed to offer the best diving experience for scuba beginners. Some of these excursions include snorkeling and diving experience in addition to lunch on the boat. Guests are required to fill out medical forms before diving. Some Hurghada diving excursions also include lunch on the boat. While diving in Hurghada, make sure you get plenty of rest after the dive and drink lots of water!

Beach excursions

While staying in one of the many hotels in Hurghada, you can book a beach excursion and explore the local area. These excursions include snorkeling and diving, as well as viewing the incredible marine life. Nearby islands are perfect for a day trip, and most hotels and resorts offer day access to the beach. You can also go snorkeling and diving at nearby Orange Bay Beach or Shadwan Island.

Boat trips

If you are looking for a unique way to spend your day in Hurghada, consider taking a boat trip. You won’t have to worry about getting wet – these tours take place on submarines or semi-submarines. These excursions are the core goal of any tourist visiting Hurghada. Plus, they’ll add a fun element to your trip! Read on to find out more about Hurghada’s boat tours.

Sightseeing tours

The town of Hurghada is an excellent choice for a beach vacation. Located on Egypt’s Red Sea coast, this beach resort town is known for its excellent scuba diving, as there are dozens of dive shops in the Sekalla district. The town also boasts plenty of bars in the El Dahar district, traditional souks, and a long sandy beach lined with resort hotels. You can explore the local culture, dine at traditional restaurants, or just enjoy the sun on the beach.

Desert safari adventures

In addition to sand dunes, dune buggies, and camel rides, desert safaris in Hurghada offer tourists the opportunity to learn about local Bedouin culture. In addition to the 4WD tour, you can choose a tour that combines a Bedouin village visit with a relaxing barbecue dinner. The tour concludes with a return transfer to your hotel. After your desert safari, you can request to watch a short video about your experience.