Excursions From Hurghada

excursions from hurghada

There are several different excursion options in Hurghada. Some are beach excursions, others involve diving, snorkeling, or a Jeep safari. Read on to learn more about the different options available in Hurghada. There is something for everyone in Hurghada! It is a popular resort town along the Red Sea coast. A popular activity in Hurghada is scuba diving, and there are several dive shops in the Sekalla district. The town also boasts a long sandy beach lined with resort hotels.

Beach excursions

If you are planning a trip to Egypt’s Red Sea, you might want to book one of the many beach excursions from Hurghada. These tours are not only affordable but they also offer plenty of fun activities. Many tours take you to islands that are not accessible by land. You can visit the Giftun Islands, which are a collection of offshore islands surrounded by turquoise waters. There are also hiking opportunities to snorkel on these islands.


You can go on daily diving excursions from Hurghada, as well as liveaboards, which explore a wider range of dive sites. You can either opt for reef diving or wreck diving, or combine the two. Local daily diving has the perfect conditions for new divers, while day trips to the best wreck sites are easy to arrange from Hurghada. Diving boats are purpose-built to accommodate divers, making it easy to go from a beginner to a more experienced diver.


If you are looking for a snorkelling excursion in Egypt, then you’re in luck. The Red Sea has several locations where you can go snorkelling. The city of Hurghada is located on the northern shore of the Red Sea, and the town boasts a number of snorkelling spots. For example, the Dolphin House Hurghada offers tours that feature dolphins. Moreover, you can book a full-day excursion to Paradise Island, a desert island just 45 minutes’ boat ride away from Hurghada. The unspoilt, deserted island is home to multiple reefs that are perfect for snorkelling. The calm conditions and wide range of fish that can be seen in this location make this destination one of the best snorkelling destinations in Hurghada.

Jeep safari

If you are looking for a unique excursion in Egypt, consider a Jeep safari tour from Hurghada. This activity will allow you to enjoy the desert, including a camel ride through the sand. Other highlights of the trip include a Bedouin BBQ dinner and a camel ride. This tour can be customized to include as much or as little of the aforementioned activities as you want.

Historical tours

The ancient culture of Egypt is still very much alive in Hurghada, Egypt, and the historical landmarks and buildings are a reflection of this. The Karnak temple was constantly renovated by successive pharaohs and the monastery of St. Paul and St. Anthony are situated on the hillsides of the city. A historical tour to Egypt will take you through this rich past and will leave you with many unforgettable memories.

Nile cruise

You can take Nile cruise excursions from Hurghada to some of the most ancient sites in Egypt. Among the sites you can visit are the Temple of Sobek and Haroeris, built during the Ptolemaic era. The Temple of Edfu, built between 57 and 237 BCE, is one of Egypt’s most well-preserved shrines and contains many inscriptions. On your tour, you’ll also be treated to some sightseeing along the banks of the Nile.