Excursions From Hurghada

excursions from hurghada

If you are looking for a relaxing vacation on the Red Sea, you should consider arranging for excursions from Hurghada. The town is known for its scuba diving opportunities, and there are dozens of dive shops in the Sekalla district. El Dahar is the area’s main shopping district, and you can visit its traditional souks and coffee shops. The town has an extensive sandy beach, lined with resort hotels and cafes.

Day trip to Luxor

A day trip to Luxor is a must-do when you visit Hurghada, Egypt. The ancient city is the world’s largest open-air museum. Your Luxor trip begins at the West Bank, home to famous Pharaonic tombs. Next, visit the Valley of Kings, where many celebrated Pharaohs are buried. Afterwards, head to Hatshepsut Mortuary Temple to see the remarkable architecture of the complex. Finally, you must visit the Colossi of Memnon, which are the largest and oldest statues in Egypt.

Desert safaris

There are many ways to enjoy desert safaris from Hurghada. Choose between a budget or luxury trip, and there is something for everyone. Most of the tours include a pick-up from your hotel, a professional desert safari tour guide, bottled water for the duration of the trip, a quad bike ride through a Bedouin village, and a short show with an Oriental equestrian troupe.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving excursions from Hurghada are among the most popular things to do in Egypt. These excursions take place from a purpose-built dive boat. Guests can enjoy diving on the famous Seyal Island, the Al-Sakhr Island, and even the Dolphin House. Lunch is served on board, and the diving boats are equipped with emergency oxygen. The excursion includes a ship-to-shore radio in case of emergency.


One of Egypt’s most popular beach resorts is Hurghada, a town along the Red Sea coast. Known for scuba diving, the town has many dive shops, as well as plenty of restaurants and bars in El Dahar. Visitors will also find a traditional Egyptian souk and coffee shops, as well as a long sandy beach lined with resort hotels. A tour through Hurghada will give you a sense of its history and culture, and the many sights to see and explore during your stay.

Fishing trip on the Giftun Islands

A fishing trip on the Giftun Islands from Hurgadda will take you to an island that is surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea. You will be treated to two hours on the island where you can swim and snorkel, and a picnic lunch will be served on board. The weather is ideal for enjoying this experience, and you will definitely enjoy yourself. You can book a trip to Giftun and other islands that are located near Hurghada and can enjoy the great weather and views of the Red Sea.