Egypt Tours Packages

egypt tours packages

If you want to visit the Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza, you will need to choose between different Egypt tours packages. This article will discuss some of the different types of tours offered in Egypt. It will also provide you with a few travel tips for a great trip. There are also several ways to save on Egypt tours packages. One way is to take the Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan. This tour is one of the most popular among tourists, and includes the Sphinx of Giza and the Pyramids. You’ll also have access to exclusive VIP experiences, including the Abdeen Palace in Cairo and the Montaza Palace in Alexandria.

Luxor-Aswan Nile cruise

When booking a Luxor-Aswan Nile cruise, you can choose from a variety of tours and excursions. The East Bank offers the Temple of Karnak, the Valley of the Kings, and the Colossi of Memnon. The West Bank boasts the Valley of the Queens, where Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered. You can also visit the Temple of Horus, the falcon-headed god.

Sphinx of Giza

The Sphinx of Giza is a limestone statue of a mythical creature. It has the head of a lion and the body of a lion. The ancient Egyptians created it during the Old Kingdom, during the reign of Khafre, about 2500 BC. It is not complete – it is missing a nose and has been damaged by Napoleon’s troops. Fortunately, many Egypt tours offer this famous sight in their packages.


If you are planning a trip to the Pyramids in Egypt, then you might want to consider booking a tour package. This is a great way to get the best deals, but be sure to take time to research your options first. You can also choose to travel with a friend or family member. The prices of Egypt tour packages can range greatly, and you may want to look into tailor-made packages to suit your needs.


A desert tour in Egypt will introduce you to the beauty and mysteries of the desert. These tours include sightseeing elsewhere in Egypt, ancient sites, and places still inhabited by Bedouin tribes. You will also experience the awe-inspiring oases and spend some nights camping in the desert. There are also many ways to get to these incredible places. You can also book a package that includes a camel ride and other activities, depending on your interests and budget.


The Egyptian festivals are highly specialized, and the king of the country would celebrate them every thirty years. The purpose of the festivals was to make sure the king’s reign was in harmony with the gods, and to prove his fitness to rule. As a result, he would run around in an enclosed space, shooting fire arrows towards the four cardinal directions. Egyptian festivals were very important to the people, not only as an opportunity to celebrate and make a big deal out of their status, but also because they elevated their culture to the level of the divine. Moreover, they were times for relaxation and celebration, and were a way to elevate their spirituality.