Egypt Tours Packages

egypt tours packages

There are many types of Egypt tours, so choosing the right one is essential. These tours differ in duration, cost, and places visited. A travel expert can advise you on the most suitable tour for you. In addition to providing an excellent service, Egypt tours are hygienic. Read on to learn about the benefits of Egypt tour packages. You will have a blast exploring this ancient land! And remember to get your visa!

Egypt tour packages include private tours and high-end accommodations

Many travelers enjoy the luxurious experiences offered by high-end accommodations and private tours when visiting Egypt. Egypt tour packages include both high-end and standard accommodations, guides, and meals. Some of these trips are the most popular and offer the most luxurious experiences. You can also book an all-inclusive package that covers the cost of transportation, meals, and admissions to all the sights in Egypt. If you prefer to travel independently, consider booking a private Egypt tour package.

They include multiple places within the same package

Depending on your budget and preferences, you can opt for an all-inclusive resort in Hurghada, located on the Red Sea. These resorts offer great deals during the summer. If you are looking for a more intimate tour, you may want to consider an exclusive trip with Abercrombie & Kent. This travel company has been operating in Egypt for more than 50 years and prides itself on hiring only the best guides. Most of its trips include several different destinations, so they are more likely to take you off-the-beaten-path.

They require a visa

Some countries are exempt from the requirement of a visa for Egyptian citizens, while others are required to apply for one. Citizens of countries listed below may be issued a tourist visa on arrival at the Cairo International Airport. For more information, you can contact the Egyptian embassy in your country. In addition, you should know that the cost of an Egyptian visa is USD25, payable in cash. However, you should be aware that the fee may rise to USD60 without prior notice.

They are hygienic

Hygiene is a big priority when traveling, and Egypt tours packages are no exception. Hygiene standards in Egypt are monitored by joint committees of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the relevant Tourism Chamber, and international consulting firms. United Egypt Tours is no exception, and contracts with hotels that follow strict sanitation and hygiene standards. The tours guarantee utmost safety for all travelers, whether they are on a historical sightseeing tour, or traveling by water.

They include breakfast and dinner

A popular addition to Egypt tours is the inclusion of a gourmet breakfast and a sumptuous dinner. Egypt is a fascinating and surprisingly inexpensive destination for a family vacation. Several of these packages include everything from breakfast and lunch to sightseeing and excursions. Whether you’re traveling alone or with a group, your Egypt tour will be filled with memorable experiences. And if you’re in the mood for adventure, consider the many options available for overnight trips to the desert.