Egypt Tours Packages

egypt tours packages

If you are looking for Egypt tours packages, look no further. This fascinating country is filled with secrets and lost treasures. Private guides will lead you through the country’s ancient monuments, colossal temples and dream dunes. Then, if you wish, you can opt for an all-inclusive vacation or a short vacation. Whatever your reason for visiting Egypt, be sure to consider the benefits of Egypt travel packages before making your decision.

Nile cruise tours

Luxurious Nile cruises can be a great way to experience Egypt’s sweeping history and natural wonders. The spacious bedrooms on Nile Cruises have modern amenities like satellite television and minibars, and you’ll enjoy the complimentary spa treatments and hot springs. Guests can enjoy the cruise ship’s main dining room, sun deck, and even its onboard shops. The crew and facilities will make your Nile cruise unforgettable.

Private tours

When planning a vacation to Egypt, private tours offer a range of advantages over group excursions. A private guide focuses on your group’s needs, taking you to the most fascinating sights. Private tours allow you to have more time to ask questions, as well as explore smaller areas. They also eliminate the need to stand in line and risk being skipped. These advantages are well worth the cost. Read on to discover how to find the best private tour for you.

All-inclusive vacations

If you’re looking for an exotic destination to relax in and enjoy a vacation without the worry of breaking the bank, consider an All-inclusive Egypt holiday package. This country offers beautiful scenery and breathtaking historical sites. A vacation in Egypt offers visitors the chance to enjoy the majestic beauty of the Nile Delta, unspoiled coral reefs, and the golden sands that envelop the country’s coast.

Short vacations in Egypt

The cost of a vacation to Egypt is a factor that can influence your decision. It can be expensive to visit Egypt, but there are many affordable ways to see the country. Egypt is home to many cheap hotels, which means that a short vacation to Egypt can still be affordable. Egypt tour packages include transportation, meals, tour guides, and entry to historical sites. These packages include everything that you need for a comfortable trip.

Best time to visit

When is the best time to visit Egypt? For the best weather conditions, visit between the months of October and May. These months will offer warm temperatures but not the extreme heat of June to August. For those who are on a budget, visit during the shoulder season, when temperatures are mild but the sun is not as intense. However, you should be aware that it is not always possible to avoid the hot sun and crowds during these months.


The cost of Egypt tours packages can vary greatly. For example, one eight-day package may cost $1,490 if you’re traveling alone. However, this package may include private guides and all the sightseeing activities you could wish for. The price may also include government taxes, airport meet-ups, and other special perks. This tour also offers special VIP experiences, such as private entrances to the Giza Plateau and the Great Sphinx enclosure.