Egypt Tours – Explore Luxor, Aswan, Alexandria, Kom El Shokaf, and More

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If you’re planning a holiday to Egypt, you’re probably wondering where you should go. Here are a few suggestions: Luxor, Aswan, Alexandria, Kom El Shokaf, and more. Then, make sure to book a tour package that includes all these places. If you’re flexible about the dates of your trip, you can customize your tour to suit your needs. Egypt tours start at any time of the day, so you’re sure to find a tour package that suits your needs.


Luxor on Egypt tours packages offer luxurious accommodations and services. You will be able to spend your time at leisure, while floating down the Nile on a luxurious cruise ship. You will also have the opportunity to take in the surrounding landscapes and fresh air. You can book a package for your family, including your children. You will also be able to explore the Pyramids. You can also arrange for a two-hour dinner at the end of the tour.

Egypt tour packages offer luxurious services and tailor-made itineraries. Luxury Egypt tour packages provide exclusive access to famous Egyptian archeological sites and expert Egyptologist guides. You will also have access to the Giza plateau and a private Egyptologist guide. If you are planning an exciting trip to Egypt, you should consider booking one of these luxury packages. However, make sure you choose the right tour package. If you’d like to save money, opt for an independent tour, or one with a group of people, you should look for a package that includes all the major attractions in one place.


If you are interested in learning more about the history of Aswan, you may want to check out one of the Egypt tours packages that include the city. The Aswan High Dam has caused the Abu Simbel Temple to be moved from its original location. If you do decide to take the tour, you can choose to stay at the Mena House Hotel, which boasts a premier Pyramids view room. Other luxury hotels in Aswan include the Old Winter Palace Luxor and Legend Old Cataract.

Many Egypt tours package deals include visits to the Valley of the Kings. These tours also include a stop at the Red Sea or a river cruise from Aswan to Luxor. If you have more time in Egypt, you can go on a desert safari or visit neighboring countries. A tour package may include all the sites you wish to visit. A tour guide who is knowledgeable about the region will ensure that you have a wonderful time.


If you’re interested in ancient history, you should consider taking one of the many Alexandria tours packages available. This ancient city is brimming with a wealth of ancient history, and there’s more to see than just the Pyramids. For example, if you’re interested in learning more about Alexandria’s culture, you should take a tour of the Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa. These tombs were discovered in 1900 and feature a unique blend of Pharaonic and Roman art. The Catacombs of Alexandria are the most important historical sites in the city.

You can also take a tour of the city’s royal attractions, including the famous King Farouk’s palace, the Haramlek and Salamlek temples, and the beaches of the queens. Other attractions to see during your tour include the Abbo Elabbas Mosque, which is the largest and prettiest mosque in Alexandria. The city also contains some of Africa’s oldest churches, including the famed St. Mark’s Church.

Kom El Shokaf

One of the highlights of any Egypt tour package is the chance to visit the Catacombs of Kom el Shokaf. These secluded cemeteries, built between the 1st and 2nd centuries BC, contain over 300 mummies. The impressive catacombs feature winged sun disks of the god Horus and upper crowns of Upper and Lower Egypt. It’s an incredible testament to the enduring myths of Ancient Egypt. The catacombs were discovered by accident in 1900 when a donkey-drawn cart sank into a pit.

The tours are optional, but you can choose to include them in your Egypt travel package. You can ask your tour leader to arrange extra activities, such as a Nubian tea, for you and your group. Many tours also include a drive back to your hotel at the end of your trip. This is one of the best ways to experience the pharaonic past. Whether you’re visiting the ancient temples or the pyramids, you’ll surely be impressed with the rich history and rich culture of the country.