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There are several types of Egypt tours. Some are guided, while others aren’t. If you’re going on a guided trip, you can expect a personal Egypt guide for the duration of your trip. Choosing a guide is essential as the person you’re with can make or break your experience. A guide will have plenty of knowledge and experience on the subject, so be sure to find one who will be there for the entire trip.

Felucca Odyssey

Feluccas, or traditional sailboats, are the perfect way to experience the ancient city of Luxor. There is no toilet on board the felucca, so you can sleep on the deck under the stars. To keep yourself fresh, you will want to pack a towel. This tour usually departs from Aswan, but you can also opt to take it from Luxor. The journeys are based on wind conditions and the water currents.

Jewels of the Nile

There are many reasons to take a Jewels of the Nile Egypt tour. In addition to its historical and archaeological value, the tour will give you an opportunity to visit the ancient sites of Egypt. You’ll have the chance to visit Giza and Cairo, and take a cruise on the Nile River. And when it’s time to head back to Cairo, you’ll have the chance to relax on a 5-star cruise. There are also plenty of opportunities to try the local cuisine. Taking a Nile cruise is a great way to see a variety of sites in one go, while enjoying the scenery and delicious Egyptian cuisine.

Essential Egypt

The Essential Egypt tours combine the ancient wonders of the region with intimate moments that will keep travelers captivated for years to come. This tour combines blockbuster wonders with an authentic feel, from local food to a night aboard a traditional felucca to enjoying a cup of mint tea. Here are some of the most popular features of an Essential Egypt tour. Find the perfect itinerary for you and your family today. Read on to learn more about these incredible travel experiences.

Cleopatra Egypt Tours

You will experience luxury and comfort on the King Tut and Cleopatra Egypt Tours. Your trip includes luxury accommodations, all meals, and transportation. Plus, you’ll get to see the Great Sphinx and the Pyramid of Khufu from a VIP perspective! Plus, you’ll get a private tour guide who specializes in Egyptian history! Whether you’re an Egypt expert or just interested in the history of this fascinating culture, you’ll be happy with this tour.

Friendly Planet

For budget travelers, Friendly Planet Egypt tours are an excellent choice. They offer small-group tours, led by specialist tour guides. These tours include airfare, international flights, and visits to the Valley of the Kings and King Tut Tomb. Optional tours to the Abu Simbel temple complex are also available. Value Vacation, the company’s ultra-low-cost tour, has a maximum passenger number of 37 and does not require visas.