Egypt Tour Packages

egypt tours packages

There are several types of Egypt tour packages available, ranging from luxury to budget. You can choose your exact dates of travel and even customize your trip. Whether you are a family, a group, or someone who wishes to visit the country during a special holiday, there is a package to suit your needs. In addition, many tours start on a daily basis, so you can choose a date that suits you and your budget.

Luxor-Aswan Nile cruise

If you’re looking for a complete package, try a Luxor-Aswan Nile cruise. These tours take you to the Valley of the Kings, the Great Pyramid of Khufu, and more. They usually include domestic airfare, hotel accommodations, and tours, as well as entrance fees. In addition, you’ll be accompanied by a licensed tour guide throughout your entire Egypt vacation. Some packages even include a cruise on the Nile, as well as both ways transfers.


If you’re interested in exploring the Great Pyramids and other ancient Egyptian wonders, you should book a trip to Egypt. There are many different tours to choose from, and each will include its own unique attractions and activities. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore the city of Cairo, where you’ll find incredible Pharaonic, Coptic, and Islamic sites. Plus, the weather in Cairo is moderate year-round.

Temple of Horus

The Temple of the Sun God is a must-see for any Egypt vacation. It is situated on the banks of the Nile, surrounded by stunning reliefs. Its central hall contains magnificent statues of Horus as a falcon. The walls of the temple have scenes from the New Year festival, which was celebrated in Egyptian temples all over. The god was celebrated in the temple by a procession of priests, who took the statue to the roof where it was revitalized by the sun. The temple also contains an open courtyard for offering, where ancient Egyptians would offer food, flowers, and other offerings to the god. The sanctuary of Horns is another notable sight, with its black granite shrine and several chapels with excellent reliefs. One chapel houses a model of the sacred barque of the god.


Among the oldest sculptures ever made, the Sphinx is considered the symbol of power. Located on the Giza plateau, in front of the great pyramids of Giza, it represents Ra-Horakhty, a powerful sun god and incarnation of royal power. It also serves as a guardian of the doors to the temples. Sculpted in limestone, the Sphinx has a body resembling a lion with a human head. It is a symbol of knowledge and wisdom, so its location and the significance of the Sphinx are fascinating.

Temple of Hathor

One of the most beautiful sites in Egypt is the Temple of Hathor. This majestic temple was built during the reign of Ptolemy VIII and Cleopatra II. The sand-colored stone is incredibly preserved, and the interior walls and ceilings feature scenes of Roman emperors. You’ll also find astronomical decorations. You can even see the legendary sun boat of Hathor and her husband Horus on the ceiling.

Train travel in Egypt

You can get from Cairo to Luxor by train, which is an enjoyable experience if you have booked your trip well in advance. There are several transportation options, including bus and taxi. Although some businesses may be closed due to health-related concerns, other routes are available. Most tours include train travel as part of the itinerary. The train journey is approximately 11 hours long. In general, there are two classes of train service. You can choose between a first-class seat in Spanish class, or a second-class seat on a Special class.