Egypt Holidays – Must-Dos in Cairo and Alexandria

Whether you’re planning a trip to Cairo’s Pyramids, Felucca sailboat tours, or even a Black Tomato tour of the pyramids, you’ll have a lot to choose from. Here are some tips for planning a memorable Egypt holiday. Let’s get started! We’ve got a list of must-dos in Cairo and Alexandria. After reading this list, you’ll be well on your way to making a choice.

Cairo’s pyramids

The Subterranean Chamber, also known as the Pit, is located 27 m below the base level and measures 16 cubits north and south and 11 cubits east and west. Its roof is pointy, and it is about 12 cubits tall. Its western half is unfinished. The northern half of the west wall is the entrance to the Descending Passage. The interior of the pyramid contains several burial chambers, including the Queen’s Chamber.

Nile cruises

While in Egypt, don’t miss Nile cruises on tours. These floating hotels offer all the amenities you would find on a land-based hotel, including a swimming pool, exercise rooms, small shops, and even libraries. In the evenings, many cruises feature dances and live entertainment. While on board, take advantage of the sun deck and dance floors. There are even themed nights to spice things up!

Felucca sailboat tours

Felucca sailboat tours of Egypt are among the most authentic ways to experience this renowned river. These traditional Egyptian sailboats have been in use since ancient times. Today, you can hire a wooden felucca sailboat and take an hour-long cruise through the river. Enjoy the view of the skyline while sipping a cool drink on the Nile. Felucca cruises of Egypt can be especially romantic in the evening.

Black Tomato tours

Whenever you book a luxury tour, make sure you choose a company that puts people and places first. Black Tomato’s philosophy revolves around delivering immersive and imaginative travel experiences to a global clientele. The company’s highly personalized and intimate trips are designed to meet the individual needs of travelers. For example, they tailor their Egypt tours to include Viking descendants. Customers are encouraged to share their ideas and experiences to personalize the tour.

Tauck tours

Experience thousands of years of history and culture on one of Tauck tours of Egypt. Explore the dazzling ancient tombs and visit Luxor, home to the ancient city of Thebes. Sail on the River Nile for a day and enjoy onboard lunch. You can also visit the Valley of the Queens, where hieroglyphics carved on the walls depict the Ptolemaic rulers making offerings to their Gods and slaughtering their enemies.

Memphis Tours

Whether you are looking for a relaxing break or an adventure filled with history, Memphis Tours of Egypt has something for you. The ancient city of Memphis has been the center of Egypt’s history for over 5,000 years. The city is now preparing to open its biggest road, which will lead you to the largest open temple in the world. You can even take a Memphis Tours of Egypt bus to the Valley of the Kings and Colossi of Memnon.