Choose Between Tauck and Living Passages Tours of Egypt

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When choosing between the various tour operators in Egypt, the choice is a tough one. Whether it’s Tauck or Living Passages, you’ll find that each one offers something different. You’ll find out which ones have a reputation for excellent service and a high level of expertise. But before you make your decision, read on for some tips. We’ll break it down into simple terms so you can decide which tour to take based on your preferences.


Traveling to Egypt can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean you should forgo it entirely. The Tauck tours of Egypt offer travelers the luxury and convenience of guided excursions and private sightseeing. These tours include airfare and most of the major sights. Plus, they include everything from a private tour of King Tutankhamun’s tomb to a luxury riverboat cruise. Unlike most independent tours, you can save money by choosing a package that includes air travel and all the sightseeing you need.

Living Passages

Christian travelers have many options when it comes to Christian travel tours. Many people choose to take a Christian tour of Egypt, where they can learn more about the Bible while experiencing the beauty and wonder of the country. Living Passages tours of Egypt feature Biblical themes and include tours of archaeological sites discussed in the documentary. You can even have a customized itinerary and travel pace to match your needs and interests. Read on to learn more about the benefits of Christian travel tours in Egypt.

Royal Egypt Tour

A Royal Egypt Tour is a great way to see the country in style. From the luxury accommodations to the special guests, this tour offers something for everyone. You’ll get to enjoy all of the sightseeing in the city, plus gourmet meals at presidential residences. In addition to the special guests, your trip will include an English-speaking Egyptology Expert who will serve as your tour guide throughout the trip. You’ll also get to enjoy free bottle water while sightseeing, and air-conditioned buses and transfers for all transportation needs.

Abercrombie & Kent

While many luxury travel companies claim to provide superior service, Abercrombie & Kent takes a different approach. These trips are designed to provide maximum comfort, cultural exploration, and safety. Many people associate luxury travel with dull, swanky trips, where you sit around a table and drink champagne all day. But there’s more to luxury travel than just luxury. Abercrombie & Kent Egypt tours offer the ultimate in luxury travel, including first-class dining, walking tours, and more.

On the Go Tours

If you’re a traveler who wants to see the most iconic sights in Egypt but don’t have time to explore the area on your own, you should consider one of the many On the Go Tours of Egypt. These group tours are led by Egyptologists and degree-holders. These tour leaders will take you on a guided tour to the pyramids and ancient treasures in Egypt. You’ll learn more about the country’s fascinating history as well as the fascinating culture of the people who live there today.