Best Dates and Highlights of Egypt Tours Packages

egypt tours packages

When to visit Egypt depends on your travel goals. This ancient land is home to colossal statues and sweeping desert landscapes. The lapping Red Sea and Ramses II’s ancient temples are among the most popular sights. There are a number of essential experiences that cannot be missed during your trip to Egypt. Listed below are the best dates to visit and what to expect on an Egypt tour package.


You can find some fantastic deals on Expedia Egypt tours packages. These packages include some of the most popular and famous attractions in Egypt, including the Great Pyramids of Giza. Whether you’re looking to visit a museum, visit a famous landmark or simply explore the bustling bazaars, these tours have everything you need. With prices starting as low as NZ$92 per night, you can’t go wrong with these deals.

ETB Tours Egypt

The ETB Tours Egypt packages are tailored to the interests and abilities of the traveler, and each itinerary includes special services and accommodations that would be impossible to find on a standard tour. You can also opt for a private guided journey that would avoid crowds and maximize your time in the country. In addition, you’d be traveling with a highly trained Egyptologist. Read on to learn more about these tours. We’ve outlined the most important highlights of our Egypt packages below.


The Luxor on Egypt tours package covers one night’s accommodation in a 5 star hotel in Luxor, flights from Cairo, and all entry fees to the sightseeing on the itinerary. The luxury cruise is a highlight of an Egypt tour package. Relax on the ship and admire the villages that pass by. Your trip will be more personalized and luxurious if you book a package with an experienced tour operator. This is an excellent way to experience all that Luxor has to offer, without having to deal with a hectic schedule.


For the first-time traveler to Egypt, the Giza Pyramids and Egyptian Museum should top the list. From Aswan to Luxor, the Nile River cruise will include a trip to the Valley of the Kings. Other important sites include Abu Simbel, Alexandria, and Hurghada. If you have more time to spend in Egypt, you might also want to visit neighboring countries and take a desert safari.


If you are looking for a one-day tour package that allows you to see the best attractions in Cairo, Maestro Online Travel offers you the right deal. They will meet you at Cairo’s international airport and take care of all the arrangements and procedures upon your arrival. After that, they will transfer you to your hotel and help you settle into your accommodations. You can also ask them for a Cairo tours package that includes a night in Cairo, and you’ll have everything you need for your vacation.

The Valley of the Kings

You’ll want to book a trip to the Valley of the Kings to visit this ancient Egyptian site. The Valley of the Kings is a 3-minute drive from Cairo. The entrance is staffed with guards who check tickets. Then, you can walk a few minutes to the tombs, which are about 10 minutes apart. For self-guided tours, take a picture of the Valley of the Kings map and refer to it while touring.


If you’re considering taking a tour to the tomb of Tutankhamun in Egypt, you should know that these tours are not for the faint of heart. Visiting the Valley of the Kings is an experience that should be shared with others, and a Tutankhamun tours package from STI Travel is the ideal way to do just that. The museum features a five-minute film about the tomb and its discovery, and you can explore the rest of the galleries on your own.