Tours of Egypt – Which Ones Are Worth a Visit?

tours of egypt

When it comes to tours of Egypt, many people are confused by all of the choices. It’s not hard to see why: Egypt is home to many famous sights and attractions. But, which ones are worth a visit? You’ll want to read on to learn more. Among the most famous sights are the pyramids of Giza and Luxor Temple, as well as Luxor’s ancient workers’ village.

Luxor’s ancient workers’ village

When visiting Luxor, one must see the remains of the ancient workers’ village. The tomb builders lived near their workplace and built the colorful tombs that remain today. The ancient floodplain is lush and green, and becomes higher as it reaches the Western Desert. A private website, Images of Deir el-Medina: Past and Present, offers great photos and information. To get the most from this trip, book a private tour and plan to visit this important site.

G Adventures’ three-day itinerary

For travelers with a more adventurous nature, the luxury-oriented, three-day itinerary is perfect for this experience. Typically, luxury travelers are older and more adventurous than those who go on a classic tour. They’re also more likely to be exposed to local culture and lifestyle. Many luxury travel companies have the misconception that luxury means being cut off from local life. G Adventures’ tours are designed to offer travelers a comfortable level of independence, as well as authentic experiences.

Royal Egypt Tour’s private entrance to the entire Giza pyramid complex

The Great Pyramid of Khufu and the two smaller pyramids of Giza represent the political, economic, and technological stability of ancient Egypt. They represent unimaginable knowledge and skill in architecture, construction, and other areas of knowledge. These sites are true symbols of ancient Egyptian civilization, and they display the innovation and creativity of the Egyptian people. The Giza necropolis is the heavenly royal burial ground of ancient Egyptian kings. Private entrance to the Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum are included on this tour.

Archaeological Paths’ private entrance to the Luxor Temple

Experience the thrill of VIP access to the ancient sites of Egypt with the exclusive Archaeological Paths’ private entrances to the Luxor Temple and Valley of the Kings. You’ll see what the locals have been doing for centuries while enjoying an exclusive entrance to the ancient sites. You’ll meet world-renowned scholars, museum directors, high-profile ministers, and members of the former presidential family.

Agatha Christie’s experience on the SS Sudan

In 1933, when the S.S. Sudan was built, the British tourist industry was booming and the SS Sudan served as a luxurious retreat for the British aristocracy, foreign diplomats and notable archaeologists. But what makes the SS Sudan unique is the fact that it still runs today and even features a suite named for Christie. The Steamship Sudan is a fascinating journey through history, and you can experience it for yourself in person.