Cheap Tours of Egypt

tours of egypt

For a cheap small group tour in Egypt, consider Friendly Planet, which operates out of Cairo. The company’s small group tours have the same tour manager and guide on all trips, and the quality of its hotels is high. There are few hassles on these trips, and Friendly Planet will even pre-purchase your Egypt visa and have it ready for you when you arrive. Here are some of our favorite tours:

Temples & Tombs itinerary

A Temples & Tombs itinerary for Egypt tours can include a visit to the Saqqara Pyramid Museum, which is free of charge. The museum displays a wealth of ancient artifacts, including pottery, jewelry, hieroglyphics, and other artifacts. The museum also houses a preserved mummy, which is the country’s oldest mummy.

Another highlight of the Temples & Tombs itinerary for Egypt tours is the Library of Alexandria. This beautiful building was completed in 2002 and is intended to emulate a great center for classical learning. Another must-see stop on a Temples & Tombs itinerary for tours of Egypt is Aswan, which is located on the banks of a dam. At this stop, you can see the unfinished obelisk, which explains how the Egyptians constructed their great monuments.

Luxurious cruises

If you’re planning to take a tour of Egypt, you may be wondering which luxurious cruises are available. The best luxury cruises feature top-of-the-line facilities and amenities. The newest ship, SS Sphinx, is scheduled to be launched in 2021. It’ll showcase the best of Egypt with its unique excursions, including tea with a Nubian family, fishing, bird-watching, and French balconies. Other excursions include guided tours of the Egyptian Museum and sailing on a felucca.

Among the most luxurious cruises available is the Sonesta Moon Goddess, which sails from Aswan to Luxor. The ship features an outdoor pool, a spacious sun terrace, a fitness center, spa, and a bar. Onboard, you’ll find fresh, delicious food, 24-hour room service, and many other amenities. The luxury ship will also provide airport transfers and arrange local excursions for your convenience.

Budget tours

When you are looking for a cheap vacation, you’ve probably considered going on a budget tour to Egypt. This ancient country is full of contrasts, and tours can be a great way to experience the country’s most interesting sights for a minimal cost. The eternal Nile flows through pristine green valleys, while the endless desert gives way to beautiful oases and flawless seaside retreats. No matter what your budget, you’ll find the right package to fit your needs.

While it may be difficult to travel in a foreign language in a foreign country, there are many benefits to having a guide who speaks Arabic and is knowledgeable about the history of the region. Tour guides can give you access to countless opportunities that you won’t find on your own. For example, an independent traveler may not get the chance to visit local homes, visit contemporary Egyptian art galleries, or take Oud lessons in Islamic Cairo. Before you leave for Egypt, it’s important to start planning a trip and to hire a guide.

Desert safaris

If you’re looking for an alternative type of holiday, there’s no better way to see this country than on a desert safari. Bedouin guides accompany you on your desert expeditions and can help you learn about the local culture and interaction with the surrounding environment. At night, they’ll lead you in song and dance around campfires. And the desert offers the clearest night skies in the world. Not to mention the traditional Bedouin tea.

While desert safaris are popular worldwide, the Egyptian landscape offers some of the most unique experiences. A desert safari in Egypt will give you an authentic experience in the wilderness, and will give you the opportunity to meet and mingle with the locals. Bedouin culture will be at the forefront of your trip, and you’ll have the opportunity to observe traditional Bedouin life. You’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy a traditional meal cooked by the Bedouin.